Written on: April 27, 2018

Removing A/C filter
A mini-split air conditioner (also called a ductless cooling system) is an efficient and flexible way to cool your home: they’re a bigtime upgrade from window units in homes with no ductwork, and work really well as a zone cooling solution – even in a home with central air.
But like any HVAC system, you have to maintain a mini-split system properly to keep it working at its best. Although the majority of that maintenance should be done by a trained pro during an annual air conditioning tune-up, there are some things you can do to keep your mini-split ready for action as warmer days make their way to Long Island.
Here are five of them:

  1. Clean filters regularly – Clogged filters could add 20 percent to your monthly bill, so keep ‘em clean. Filters should be checked about once a month during cooling season, and changed (or cleaned, depending on the model) when dirty.
  2. Keep air handlers clutter-free – Ductless air conditioners work best if you keep them away from dust-gathering furniture and wall art. Aim to keep four feet of space clear in every direction around the air handler (the indoor unit in a ductless system).
  3. Clean air handler surfaces and vents – Wipe down your air handlers each week with a damp cloth to remove efficiency-robbing, air quality-destroying dust and dirt.
  4. Clean the coil and condenser – The outside portion of your mini-split system (the condenser unit) needs a little love, too. Use garden hose to spray the unit and remove any remaining debris by hand – just be sure to power down before you start your cleanup!
  5. Get annual maintenance – Annual tune-ups for your mini-split system are a must, and the best way to get them is to sign up for Swezey Air Conditioning Service Plan. With our Gold Air Conditioning Plan, you’ll get the tune-up plus a 15 percent discount on all repairs and diagnostic fees – and if you re-up on the plan, you’ll earn $50 in Loyalty Credits!

If your mini-split system is ready for a check-up, don’t wait – contact us today to sign up for one of our high-value service plans and get in before the Memorial Day crunch.
If you don’t have a ductless system but want to learn more about their benefits, contact us for a FREE, no obligation estimate on an air conditioning installation for your Suffolk county home!