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Swezey Fuel

Swezey: A family-owned Long Island neighbor for more than 100 years

In our 90-year history as one of the largest family-owned heating companies in Suffolk County, we’ve seen many heating companies like ours sold to large, publicly owned corporations—many of which are based out of our area.

Swezey: a family-owned business

Just like the unpleasant changes you see in your local bank when a financial corporation takes it over, working with an impersonal home heating company can be a real letdown after many years of getting service from neighbors who live, shop and work where you do.

At Swezey, we know what’s important to you as a customer—fast answers with no runaround, accurate, timely deliveries and friendly, honest, high-quality service when and where you need it.

Our dedicated employees and service technicians provide that service. As certified professionals, they’re trained to response quickly and effectively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Corporations simply can’t compete with that kind of personal commitment.

We believe there is room in the market place for a family-owned company with strong roots in the community.