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If you saw a gallon of milk for 25 cents less than what you usually pay, you’d probably buy it. Some people look at a gallon of heating oil in the same way.

But with heating oil, price isn’t the only—or even the most important—consideration for your purchase.

Oftentimes the reason “oil-only” guys can offer such low prices is because they don’t provide you with the security, protection and reliable service you really want and need.

As your full service heating company, Swezey delivers far more than just heating oil.

With an expert sales and technical staff, helpful budget plans, convenient automatic delivery, affordable service plans and reliable, 24-hour emergency response, you’ll get the convenience and personal service that can really make a difference.

Honesty—a core value at Swezey

At Swezey, we’ll never sell you something that you don’t need, because honesty and professionalism are at the heart of how we do business.

Unlike some of our competitors, a service technician—not a sales person—will evaluate your home and your needs long before we even consider selling you equipment.

Once we have a clear idea of your use profile and the condition of your equipment, we’ll meet with you to discuss what options will bring you the best value for your hard-earned dollars.

As a provider of home comfort for almost a century, we have the experience and know-how to recommend, install, and maintain the right system for your home—not the one that costs the most.

And that’s what we’ll do for you—every time you call Swezey for answers.

To learn more about Swezey’s full range of services, contact us or call us.