Swezey House Air Conditioning Service Plans
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Save money and stay cool through the dog days of summer with an air conditioning Service Plan from Swezey

With regular air conditioning service, your home cooling system will last longer and run more efficiently, saving you money every month and helping you to avoid expensive equipment replacements.

Swezey provides cooling service plans that will keep your home comfortable on even the hottest days. Choose from two plans for your air conditioner or heat pump system:

  • The Swezey Gold Plan, which includes a 14-point, annual tune-up plus a 15 percent discount on all repairs and diagnostic fees, or
  • The Swezey Platinum Plan, which includes the tune-up plus no-cost repairs, priority service, no diagnostic fee during normal business hours and no after-hours charges

You can save even more money if you stay with your plan: for each consecutive year you’re enrolled in Gold or Platinum service, you earn $50 in Loyalty Credits—up to $700 total—that you can apply to equipment you purchase from us.

To learn more about our cooling service plans for your Long Island home—or to find out more about coverage for other equipment, including plumbing, indoor air quality and water treatment systems—contact Swezey today, or call (631) 475-0270 or (631) 473-5500.