Written on: May 1, 2017

Carl Schwenker
Q Why do people use ductless systems?
A These units are ideal for houses that don’t have ducts; for additions to your home; for guest rooms, rec rooms and other rooms that are rarely occupied; and to fix hot spots or cold spots in rooms that never feel as comfortable as the rest of your house. Ductless systems give you the flexibility to enjoy a specific temperature in a room or multiple rooms, regardless of the season. These units are energy efficient and quiet, provide allergen filtration and feature wireless remote controls.
Q How does a ductless system work?
A A ductless system, like the Fujitsu mini-split system, lets you put cooling or heating precisely where you need it. It’s easy. For each room where you tell us you want more heating or cooling, we’ll install a compact wall unit. We can mount multiple indoor units, which all connect to one outdoor compressor. Only minimum drilling is necessary to complete the installation of your ductless system.