Written on: April 15, 2019

StreamLabs Control
Q: Will you be introducing any new products soon?
A: We already have, and it’s brought peace of mind to a lot of customers this past heating season. Our new product is the StreamLabs Control, which can catch and control water issues anytime, anywhere.
Jim Krug
This system features patented ultrasonic technology for real-time water monitoring, smart leak detection, and automatic shutoff to stop leaks right away. Just one monitor will protect your entire home from costly water damage and provide you with complete control from anywhere through a free app.
You’ll be able to get alerts to your smartphone right away if a leak is detected, and you can use the remote shutoff feature to stop leaks. You can also view current and historical water usage.
Thanks to cutting-edge technology, everything you need to control your home’s water system rests right in the palm of your hand.
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