Written on: July 8, 2024

5 Major Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits

Efficient A/C for homes without ductwork.

ductless mini-split Setauket, NY Everyone loves having reliable, efficient home cooling to beat the summer heat. We all appreciate the beautiful, warm afternoons in Setauket, Saville and elsewhere in Suffolk County at this time of the year. Still, a gust of air-conditioned air is always a relief when temperatures are sizzling. Everyone loves having reliable, efficient home cooling to beat the summer heat.

Many houses in this part of New York were built without the ductwork necessary for central A/C. Does that mean these homeowners are stuck using inefficient window A/C units? Absolutely not. At Swezey Fuel, we sell and install cutting-edge ductless mini-splits from industry leader Fujitsu. Here are five things that our customers love about them.

1. Fast, Easy Installation

Installing ductwork takes days, disrupting your life and taking space away from your living areas. It’s also a pricy endeavor. But ductless mini-splits don’t require an extensive installation process. The system consists of an outdoor unit and multiple air-handling units mounted throughout your rooms. These units connect via thin pipes that pass through your wall.

Installing this equipment requires only basic drilling most of the time. The Swezey team can typically finish a whole-home installation in a day.

2. Super-Efficient A/C Operations

The evaporator coil in the indoor unit absorbs heat (hot goes to cold), lowering humidity using a blower to lower the temperature inside the house. Each indoor air handler runs independently. You can keep some “zones” cooler than others. Zoned cooling allows you to fine-tune your comfort while using less electricity.

You also don’t need to worry about costly duct losses. Over 30% of A/C-related energy consumption can come from cooled air escaping through leaky ductwork.

3. Sleek, Discreet and Quiet

Are you tired of window units blocking your sunlight, sticking out of your home and running so loudly you can’t hear someone talking in the same room? Ductless A/C has none of these problems. The Fujitsu products we sell are sleek, adaptable and compact. They won’t clash with your indoor décor and can be mounted virtually anywhere you want them.

They also run quietly, so you’ll never need to turn the TV up anymore.

4. Supplemental Heating

Some ductless products can reverse their heat transfer process to warm up your rooms in colder weather. Our customers have found that this is great for lowering heating fuel consumption in fall and early winter. However, they normally choose to hold onto oil-fired heating equipment for the most frigid weeks of the year.

5. Long Service Life

When you take care of your ductless mini-split system with annual A/C maintenance from a professional technician, it can operate effectively for 20 years or more. Swezey Fuel has an attentive, exceptionally skilled HVAC team with extensive experience servicing both central A/C and ductless A/C equipment. We offer affordable air conditioning service plans that provide:

With the Swezey team as your home comfort partner, you can rest assured that we’ll keep your ductless mini-splits running efficiently and dependably for many years.

We are a Fujitsu Elite Contractor. To begin exploring all that these state-of-the-art ductless A/C systems can offer, contact us today.