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How Can I Prepare My Furnace for Heating Season?

Fall has been a little slow to arrive here in Suffolk County – great news if you’re a fan of summer, not so great if you’re a lover of autumn. But as we all know, cool weather will eventually reach Long Island – and when it does, you’ll be relying more and more on your oil furnace to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Heating oil filling

How Do I Prevent a Heating Oil Run-Out?

One of the biggest headaches that any heating equipment owner faces is keeping track of how much heating oil they have in their tank – especially during busy back-to-school and holiday weeks.

Unfortunately, those busy times correspond with the arrival of cooler weather here in Suffolk County, which makes your need for fuel even greater – and sometimes, even the most responsible homeowners can find themselves in the midst of a fuel run-out when they can least afford to be without heat.

Heating repairs

Get Those Last Minute Heating Repairs Out of the Way Now

As we all swelter through the dog days of August here in Suffolk County, your furnace or boiler is probably the last thing on your mind – which makes it the perfect time to take care of your annual heating maintenance. Let us explain.

For starters, Swezey offers heating equipment maintenance and tune-ups for systems of any age and make. Our expert technicians will monitor wear and tear on your equipment, clean your system and replace worn parts. This prevents minor repairs from turning into big expensive ones.

HVAC A/C unit

10 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

Summer is officially underway here in Suffolk County – and although we have only dipped our toes in sticky summer heat so far this year, more is sure to come (that’s what the Farmers tell us, anyway).

If you got an air conditioning tune-up in LI before summer began – or maybe even after cooling season last year, if you’re really proactive – chances are your central air conditioner or mini-split air conditioner is in good shape right now.

Vent air filter

Don’t Forget to Change Your A/C Air Filters This Summer!

A home cooling system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your Suffolk County home – but if you’re not checking and changing your A/C air filters regularly, you’re probably spending more than you should on cooling bills – and you could even be shortening the life of your equipment.

When an air filter clogs, it makes it difficult for the air you paid to cool to flow into your living space – which means your central air conditioner will have to work harder to do its job.

Sitting and relaxing

Three Things You Can Do Now to Make Next Heating Season Easier

Although you are probably still relying on your furnace or boiler to get you through the cool spring days and nights, the worst of heating season 2018/2019 is behind us. It was certainly a year of ups and downs weather-wise, and if you are a Will Call customer, you have the heating bills to prove it!

Swing into spring

Swing into Spring with a Heating System Upgrade from Swezey!

Early spring is the perfect time to shop for a new heating system: it’s a shoulder season, so it’s typically easier to get a convenient appointment time with a qualified technician, and equipment prices are often at their lowest of the year.

Plumbing tools and accessories

Spring Plumbing To-Do List

Spring is almost here – and with it comes all those home projects you’ve been putting off. When you’re ready to jump into your spring cleaning chores, don’t overlook your plumbing.

Here’s a plumbing checklist to help you get a head start on identifying and fixing issues that could turn into problems down the road.

Valentine's Day hearts

Five Reasons to Love Swezey This Valentine’s Day

It’s February here in Long Island, and as we approach Valentine’s Day we’re thinking a lot about love – as in how much what we do and whom we do it for (a feeling that appears to be mutual, based on the kind words we continue to hear from our loyal Swezey customers).

Frozen pipe

Avoiding Frozen Pipes

Frozen water pipes can really do a number on your Suffolk County home, causing plumbing problems that can lead to structural damage or even mold growth. They’re a particular problem in older, under-insulated homes – something we see a lot of in our neck of the woods.