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Swing into spring

Swing into Spring with a Heating System Upgrade from Swezey!

Early spring is the perfect time to shop for a new heating system: it’s a shoulder season, so it’s typically easier to get a convenient appointment time with a qualified technician, and equipment prices are often at their lowest of the year.

Plumbing tools and accessories

Spring Plumbing To-Do List

Spring is almost here – and with it comes all those home projects you’ve been putting off. When you’re ready to jump into your spring cleaning chores, don’t overlook your plumbing.

Here’s a plumbing checklist to help you get a head start on identifying and fixing issues that could turn into problems down the road.

Valentine's Day hearts

Five Reasons to Love Swezey This Valentine’s Day

It’s February here in Long Island, and as we approach Valentine’s Day we’re thinking a lot about love – as in how much what we do and whom we do it for (a feeling that appears to be mutual, based on the kind words we continue to hear from our loyal Swezey customers).

Frozen pipe

Avoiding Frozen Pipes

Frozen water pipes can really do a number on your Suffolk County home, causing plumbing problems that can lead to structural damage or even mold growth. They’re a particular problem in older, under-insulated homes – something we see a lot of in our neck of the woods.

Mother and daughter sharing blanket

Please Join Us in Supporting Project Warmth 2018!

As we enter the 2018 holiday season, many of us are looking forward to bringing together our families under one roof to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in our warm, comfortable Long Island homes. But for some of us, that simple wish is not so easy to fulfill: one out of three Long Island households don’t earn enough to heat their homes during the bitter winter months.

Sink plumbing

Avoiding a Holiday Plumbing Emergency in Your Suffolk County Home

The holidays are a time for gratitude, great food, and family.

They’re also the perfect time for plumbing disasters.

Checklist clipboard

Cold Weather Maintenance Checklist

Fall is in full swing here in Long Island, but not for long – before you know it, temperatures will send you running for the thermostat to turn up your oil-fired furnace or boiler.

But before all of that happens, it’s a good idea to take prepare your Suffolk County home for the cold weather to come. Here’s a checklist of tasks to tackle in the weeks ahead.

Professional HVAC technician

Why Professional Heating Repair Is so Important

You can learn a lot on YouTube these days – especially if you’re good with tools and handy around the house. But some home comfort jobs should always be left to the professionals.

Take heating system repairs and service, for example.


Old Heating Tank? Now Is a Great Time to Upgrade

Your heating oil tank probably has a maximum lifespan of about 25 to 30 years – which means if your Suffolk County home was built in the mid- to late-90s, you’re probably on due for a replacement.

You may say to yourself, “my oil tank looks fine,” and that may be true. But the problem with an older heating tank – especially a single-wall model – is that it can corrode from the inside out due to trapped moisture and sediment, leaving you no indication that there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Technician adjusting thermostat for heating system

Summer’s in Full Swing – Time to Think about Your Heating System

You’re probably not thinking much about your home heating equipment as we head into the dog days of August here in Suffolk County…but maybe you should be (just a little).

Summer is actually a great time to think about your furnace or boiler – more specifically, it’s a great time to get some nagging maintenance tasks out of the way so you can enjoy a more comfortable home and lower bills all fall and winter.