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Michael, Kent, Gary and Bruce
Dear Friends,
Our dedication to exceptional customer service is as old as our company — we’ve been delivering real value and peace of mind for nearly a century now! We’re proud of our commitment to your comfort and the wealth of experience we bring to every delivery, installation and repair. But we also embrace modern technology because this allows us to serve you even better and make your life easier.
With that in mind, we recently revamped our website, so you can log in to see all your account information anytime from anywhere. Use your computer or smartphone to check balances, pay bills, order fuel and request tune-ups online.
Simplify things even further by taking advantage of convenient paperless billing, I-Checks or payment by credit card. Look for monthly blog posts featuring energy-saving tips and other valuable information, and “like” us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and special offers.
While you’re at it, please make sure we have your email address and cell-phone number on file. This lets us reach you immediately, especially when we are facing winter storm emergencies.
As always, thank you for your business. If you think your friends or neighbors would appreciate Swezey Fuel’s blend of neighborly service and modern conveniences, please refer them to us, either by phone or by email.
Bruce, Gary, Kent and Michael

Good neighbor
Our third-party-notification program ensures that you — or the people you care about — will never lose heat due to an unpaid bill. If someone doesn’t respond to a fuel bill, we’ll contact their designated third party to make sure everything is OK.
There’s no financial responsibility for the third party, and you can feel peace of mind that you or your loved ones won’t experience an unnecessary loss of heat. Contact us today to find out more.

Excellent service
Who could ever forget last winter? The bitter cold, mixed with some big snowstorms, created challenges for everyone: People used more fuel than normal, and slippery roads made driving difficult for our drivers and technicians. Throughout this rough time, our service and delivery teams worked tirelessly to take care of our customers.
One longtime customer, Mike M., from Hauppauge, took the time to thank us for our responsive service.
“You have been with me for 10 years and two homes,” he told us. “Your service is excellent, and your family dynamic is one that I continuously share with others looking for the right service company. We have had a great relationship and I look to continue that going forward.”
So do we, Mike. Thank you for being such a loyal customer!

The American oil revolution is bringing lower prices and plentiful domestic supplies. But that’s just the beginning. A new formulation of heating oil is becoming available that burns super-clean, is ultra-efficient and is infused with renewable BioHeat®.

Energy efficiency

Oil heat emission chart
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Cleaner than ever

While solar energy and wind power continue to capture headlines for their potential, one of the exciting developments in the energy world has been the expanded use of BioHeat® fuel.
This is a combination of low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which is made domestically from dozens of natural sources, including soybeans, sunflowers and pumpkin seeds.
As the most refined grade of heating oil, BioHeat® fuel burns significantly cleaner and has little negative impact on the environment. When used with a technologically advanced oil heat system, it produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process.
What’s more, BioHeat® fuel is made in America and requires no modifications to your existing system.

Production is up, prices are down

The new American oil revolution is now a reality. Domestic oil production just reached its highest point in 43 years! As a result, most experts expect oil prices to stay lower for the foreseeable future.
Oil prices are down
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Higher efficiency and bigger savings

The oil heat industry continues to make technological breakthroughs that promise a new era of higher efficiency and bigger savings for everyone fortunate enough to heat their home with the new heating oil.

  • New oil heat systems now boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, providing more warmth with less fuel than ever before.
  • Recent studies show potential fuel savings as high as 48% when replacing an outdated boiler with a new, high-efficiency oil boiler.*
  • Many new oil boilers incorporate energy-saving controls that can reduce fuel usage by as much as 10% and provide a more even heat.
  • High-efficiency oil furnaces now feature variable-speed motors that use as much as 80% less electricity.

*Source: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

What about the tank?

A heating oil storage tank offers an important advantage: the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that’s ready for immediate use whenever a need to heat the home arises.
System upgrade average savings
Today’s aboveground tanks are worry free and virtually leak proof. Most oil tanks are now built of corrosion-resistant materials. In many cases, new aboveground tanks are double-walled and come with alarm systems if there is any discharge.
Plus, the newest generation of aboveground tanks generally can be installed in small or unusually shaped spaces.
In short, today’s tanks provide peace of mind and convenience—in addition to all the other benefits of heating your home with oil!
The greater the efficiency, the MORE you SAVE! This chart shows average savings from upgrading to a new system with 85% efficiency.
Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Average savings vary, depending on square footage of home, number in household, insulation quality and other factors.
Use less oil

Three ways to use less oil

  1. Distribute heat evenly in rooms by running a ceiling fan in reverse. By recirculating the warm air trapped near the ceiling, you can lower your thermostat.
  2. Install smart programmable thermostats to automate your home temperature settings. You could reduce heating oil usage by up to 10%.
  3. Add outdoor reset controls to your boiler. Your boiler’s water temperature will automatically adjust, depending on the outdoor temperature. This can save you hundreds on your annual fuel bill.

System 2000
Last winter put a big strain on heating systems, especially older boilers, many of which broke down or simply could not keep homes warm enough. Don’t go through another winter worrying about staying warm in your home!
A new high-efficiency heating system will keep you toasty warm — even when temperatures drop below zero! And because a new boiler uses a lot less fuel than older models, you can reduce your annual heating costs by 30% or more.
Bonus savings: Take advantage of our fall special! Make a down payment of 33% toward the cost of your boiler and we’ll give you 12 months of 0% financing on your balance. Don’t wait. This limited time offer is valid for credit-approved customers who install a qualifying boiler. Call us, return the enclosed card or email us to request more details.

Joe Giacolone
With two full-time master plumbers on staff, Swezey offers complete plumbing services, from small repairs and drain clearing to water-heater installations, sewer line repairs and remodeling.
Stephen N., of Middle Island, knew he was in good hands right away when our plumbing team showed up with friendly smiles and placed drop cloths on the floor.
“Every time they came in and out they scraped their feet and closed the door,” Stephen said. “As soon as John started working, I knew I had a true mechanic. I have managed building construction projects for 25 years and can spot a good tradesman in the first few minutes; they are now becoming rare.”

Anthony DeGennaro
Q: How do I know when it’s time to replace my heating equipment?
A: If the repair includes the replacement of major parts, this may indicate that your system is nearing the end of its life span. You also need to ask yourself how efficient your system is. If your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old, it has a much lower efficiency rating than the oil heating systems of today. It could be using 30% more heating oil than a new system.
Harsh winters like last year’s really put a big strain on older heating systems. By updating to a new high-efficiency system, you’ll see significant savings while feeling far more comfortable — even during long cold spells. Let us show you the best options for your home and budget and get you ready for next winter.