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Michael, Kent, Gary and Bruce
Dear Friends,
This winter was an extraordinarily tough one, especially during the month of February, which turned out to be one of the coldest on record. The extreme temperatures, coupled with snow and ice storms, created challenges for everyone’s personal comfort. Throughout this difficult time, our service and delivery teams worked tirelessly to take care of our customers.
All winter our drivers logged many miles getting oil to our customers, often trudging through snowdrifts to reach customers’ tanks. (For those of you who were able to clear paths to your tank before we arrived, thank you!) Meanwhile, our technicians often worked late into the night making repairs and restoring heat.
The one silver lining in all of this turned out to be heating oil prices, which fell sharply in the fall and early winter, reaching their lowest point in six years. (Please read the rest of this newsletter to learn how the oil markets are repeating history from 30 years ago.)
As we now enjoy the warm weather, remember that we can help you this season as well. Whether it’s a repair, a tune-up, new cooling or heating equipment installation or plumbing services, our team can take care of virtually any issue that affects your home comfort.
We hope you will talk to us about some of the ways we can keep you more comfortable and save you money this season.
Bruce, Gary, Kent and Michael

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Swezey Snowstorm
The last thing you need during a big snowstorm on the island is to have your heating system stop working. But that’s exactly what happened this winter to Monica Musetti-Carlin of Sayville.
She promptly reported the problem to us and we immediately dispatched two of our technicians, Franco and Gene, to her home. Grateful that our technicians braved nearly two feet of snow to help her, Monica snapped this photo to capture the moment.
Monica has been a loyal customer of Swezey since she bought her home in Sayville, 16 years ago. Over the years, she has recommended us to many of her friends and neighbors.
“I know that Swezey always has my back,” says Monica. “They are really good people and always kind. It’s a family-owned company, and they have a nice, old-fashioned way of doing business.”

History has an eerie way of repeating itself. Just take a look at what was happening in the oil markets back in 1985 and compare it to today.

Over the last 30 years, there have been only two times that crude oil prices have fallen 50% or more from their peak levels. Why does this matter? Think about it: After the price plunge in 1985–86, oil prices remained low and stable for 15 years, except for a temporary blip during the lead-up to the Persian Gulf War in 1991.
Back to the Future
Then: Beginning in 1985 and continuing in 1986, crude oil prices fell by about 67%
Now: Beginning in 2014 and continuing in 2015, crude oil prices dropped by 60%
Could oil prices remain stable for that long again?
As always, it remains to be seen how oil prices will play out in the years ahead, since factors such as severe weather, the state of the economy and world events affecting energy production are unpredictable. But with U.S. oil production levels surging strongly, there is a better chance that oil prices may stay at lower levels in the future.

Production Revs Up Again

In 1985, U.S. oil production reached peak levels for the decade, with nearly 9 million barrels per day being pumped out. Unfortunately, domestic production began waning in the years that followed. However, today’s breakthrough technology has enabled us to get back to those high levels again. Total U.S. crude oil production in 2015 is on track to surpass 9 million barrels per day. And we have seen estimates that crude oil output will top 13 million barrels a day by 2019!
The new American oil revolution has changed the equation!

Natural Gas Spot Prices
More and more, people who declined to convert their heating systems from oil to natural gas are looking pretty smart. Consider this:

  • The combination of a huge surge in oil produced in the United States, weak global demand and a strong dollar have made heating oil prices plunge to their lowest level since 2009.
  • During the winter of 2013–14, natural gas prices spiked because pipelines could not distribute enough fuel. At one point, the spot price of natural gas was actually higher than the equivalent retail price of heating oil.
  • During the winter of 2014–15, natural gas spot prices rose at the very time oil prices were falling.

Supply concerns plague natural gas
Limitations on the way that natural gas is distributed continue to create supply challenges—and price concerns. Heading into the winter of 2014–15, natural gas prices had reached their most expensive point in more than a decade because of concerns that pipelines might not be able to distribute enough fuel.*
Other factors raising concerns about the direction of natural gas prices include:

  • Power plants are converting from coal to gas faster than expected, causing a significant rise in demand.
  • High demand for gas overseas. U.S. suppliers have been rushing to export our gas to markets in Europe and Asia, where they can charge more money. A decrease in domestic supply usually results in higher prices.

This all just goes to show that these days, oil heat customers like you have a lot less to worry about—and many more reasons to smile.
*Bloomberg News, 10/6/14

Home Comfort
The cleanest, safest and most reliable fuel money can buy. That’s what you get with oil heat. And things will only get better! In the years ahead:

  • All heating oil dealers will be delivering fuel with ultra-low sulfur levels. This opens the door for dealers to sell super-efficient heating systems (exceeding 95% AFUE), which previously had only been available outside the United States.
  • Most heating oil will contain 20% biodiesel. This renewable biofuel blend produces fewer carbon emissions than natural gas, which has now become more of a carbon producer due to the growing use of liquefied natural gas. Meanwhile, methane leaks from natural gas continue to remain an environmental concern.
  • Most people will have oil heat systems that allow their oil dealer to remotely monitor the status of the equipment at all times and get a warning sign for potential problems. Wireless monitors will become standard on oil tanks, letting dealers know when oil drops to a certain level. Once it does, they proactively make a fuel delivery.
  • Oil heating equipment will continue to evolve and incorporate the latest advancements for efficiency and comfort, giving you a lot more warmth for a lot less fuel. There are already two-stage oil burners and variable-speed furnace motors that conserve fuel. Many new oil boilers now include outdoor reset controls to enhance efficiency and comfort.

Cool REBATES up to $700 are available!
Special Financing on select systems for Swezey customers. Contact us Today!

Because of falling oil prices, most folks saved a lot of money on heating costs this winter. We encourage you to invest your fuel savings back into your home so you can save even more money. Here are two great ways to do that.
Replace your boiler
This winter put a big strain on heating systems, especially older boilers, many of which broke down or simply could not keep homes warm enough. Don’t go through another winter worrying about staying warm in your home!
A new, high-efficiency boiler will keep you toasty warm — even when temperatures drop below zero! And because a new boiler uses a lot less fuel than older models, you can reduce your annual heating costs by 30% or more!
Install a new boiler this season and get our best price of the year! Call or email us for a FREE estimate.
Cool savings this summer
Make this the year to replace your old a/c system! Not only will your new system save you hundreds of dollars on electric bills, it will do a better job of keeping your home cool and comfortable.
Need another reason? We can help you take advantage of as much as $700 in rebates through PSE&G’s Cool Homes program. As a certified Cool Homes contractor, Swezey will help you choose the ideal system for your home and then perform a quality installation. We carry a range of great trusted brands, including Ruud central air units and ductless Fujitsu mini-split air conditioners.
Call or email us to learn more.

John Shillinger
If you’ve asked us to install a new boiler or water heater, or even just to repair a leaky faucet, you may have already met John Shillinger. John, one of our licensed master plumbers, has been working with Swezey since 2001 and became a full-time member of our service team in 2013.
“Every day is different, and that’s why I like this job so much. One day I could be installing a boiler, the next day I may be helping a customer renovate her bathroom,” he says.
John says working for Swezey adds to his job satisfaction.
“Swezey helps their technicians stay on top of all of the latest equipment, especially boilers, which are so much more effi cient today because of new technology. The monthly training sessions and outside classes we take really keep us up to date and help us do the best job for customers.”