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Michael, Kent, Gary and Bruce
Dear Friends,
Last winter, we received this heartwarming email from Michael Anthony Conte, a customer in Port Jefferson:
“On January 26 at 11:30 p.m., in the middle of the blizzard, your techs arrived at my home to fix a burner that was not operating because a sensor needed to be replaced. Thank you for the incredible emergency service!”
We love reading messages like these because we are very proud of our service team. Many of them have been with us for a long time, so they’ve seen just about everything and can solve even the most complex equipment problems.
We know that our ability to take care of you starts with our amazing employees. In addition to having years of expertise, they are also nice people who truly care about you, whether they are making a repair, talking with you on the phone or filling up your tank.
Our goal is to remain the absolute best fuel delivery and service provider on Long Island. To reach that goal, we need your help. Please take just five minutes to fill out the survey we’ve included. We promise to read each response carefully, and use what we’ve learned to do even better.
To thank you for your time, every completed survey we receive will be entered in a drawing to win the new iPad PRO — valued at $799.
We look forward to getting your response. Remember, we are here for you whenever you need us — day or night.
Bruce, Gary, Kent and Michael

Over the years, we have built a team that can stand toe-to-toe with the best in the area. You can feel confident about the abilities of our employees because of their high level of experience and expertise. We know that you expect nothing but the best — and that’s what our service team delivers!

  • 11 Average number of years our technicians have been with us
  • 814 Number of combined years our employees have been at the company
  • 51 Years of service by our longest-term employee (Bruce Fuhrmann)
  • 80% Percentage of our technicians who hold Gold or Silver NORA certification
  • 34 Number of employees who’ve been at Swezey for more than 10 years

Swezey website
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Click My Account and log in to check current market prices, pay bills, order fuel and request tune-ups — anytime, from anywhere. You can also get details about all of the products and services we offer to make your life easier. This includes signing up for paperless billing!
Check our website often to find blog posts featuring energy-saving tips and information, and to read reviews — or write one yourself!

You’re going in the right direction by using heating oil to keep warm. But sometimes, you can lose your way as you try to remain comfortable while controlling costs.
Here are some tips to help you stay on the right path.

You’ve already found the best fuel

Did you know that oil generates more Btu’s of heat and warms a home more evenly than any other fuel? That’s why oil heat is the ultimate comfort fuel — and new technology has made it better.
Today’s oil heating systems are more reliable, more efficient and cleaner burning. Oil heat makes you feel safe too, because you don’t have to fear explosions or carbon monoxide leaks.
And don’t forget about service! You can expect to get fast service if you should ever lose your heat.
Contrast that with a neighbor’s home that uses gas heat. When your neighbor loses heat, he usually has to navigate through a phone maze, trying to find an outside contractor (like a plumber) who can do the repair. Getting a busy contractor to make a service call doesn’t take hours — it could take days.

Know the rules of the game

Some fuel companies play rigged games that trick unsuspecting customers. They lure you in with a really good price — but never tell you that it won’t last very long.
Once you’ve signed on the dotted line with them, they start stepping up your price until you are paying much more than you would with us.
If you want to call them on their game, ask that “low price company” to tell you their posted price for existing customers for a few seasons. You can bet that the posted price is much higher than the “teaser rate” they’re offering you.
If you don’t want to waste your money on this game, stick with us. Our superior service (and integrity) saves you money, reduces your aggravation and gives you real peace of mind.

When to call it quits

If your boiler or furnace is more than 15 years old, consider replacing it soon; the performance and reliability of heating equipment typically deteriorates after 15 years (sooner if maintenance has been neglected).
At a minimum, a new system should help you save up to 20% on your annual heating costs. (If you significantly improve system efficiency, savings can be 40% or even more!) You’ll feel the difference in comfort too. And you’ll also save on repairs, because you’ll minimize the potential of a system breakdown, a common problem with old systems.
A family that spends $2,000 per year to heat its home and reduces its annual cost by just 20% saves $400. If the new system costs $2,800, the payback time on a system investment would be only seven years.*
*For illustrative purposes only; energy savings and equipment costs vary.

We know when to deliver

We do everything possible to ensure that you never run out of oil! When we hear about a winter storm coming, we usually speed up our delivery schedule to ensure you’re covered.
For automatic delivery customers, we can predict when you need oil. We usually schedule a delivery when you have about one quarter of a tank. If you have a 275-gallon tank, one quarter of a tank means you have about 70 gallons of fuel left. Depending on your household usage, that can last a week or more because the average winter fuel usage is 5-7 gallons per day.
Please remember: If you call for fuel, we need advance notice so we can put you on our delivery route in the following few days.

Avoid these mistakes

Many people have added insulation in their home and followed other energy-conserving strategies. That’s good! But in some cases, these changes seal up a home so tightly that the heating system can’t get enough air to operate efficiently. Poor air flow can also be caused by these conditions:

  • A fireplace or exhaust fan may be operating at the same time as the burner. This can result in a smoky odor because a backdraft is pulling flue gases through the exhaust system and into the home.
  • A clothes dryer, workshop or pet living quarters may be near the oil burner. Lint, sawdust or animal hair can all be drawn into the air openings of the burner and clog it, leading to a breakdown.

Get “smart”

Beyond replacing your old system or maintaining it properly, there are many other ways to make your home more energy efficient, reduce oil usage and save money on your heating bills.
A programmable thermostat is a great example. When used properly, it can save you about 10% on your annual energy bills. As you may know, you now have the ability to access a “smart” programmable thermostat remotely through the internet.
If you’re away from home, you can use your phone to adjust the temperature setting. The thermostat can also send you an email or a text alert about a drastic temperature change — and possible equipment failure. Some models even let you know when it’s time to schedule maintenance for your heating system. Now, that’s smart!

Bryan Miller family
Install a qualifying heating system this fall and get 0% financing for 18 months. Call for details!

When Bryan Miller and his family decided to remodel their home, they were committed to making an investment in what Bryan describes as “the mechanicals of the house.”
“Our old bill for heat and hot water was just through the roof,” he says.
Bryan liked our solution: installing a high-efficiency System 2000 oil boiler and indirect-fired water heater.
“This is something that’s going to pay for itself over time, and our house is super comfortable now,” he says.
Bryan says the family never has to worry about running out of hot water, which was a major problem in the past.
“The biggest problem we have right now is getting our kids out of the shower,” he says. “I have other plumbing projects in mind and will certainly ask Swezey to do them. During our yearlong remodeling project, Swezey was by far the most professional outfit that we dealt with.”

Chris Samson and John Curtin
One of the few companies around here that offers reliable after-hours service, Swezey is here for you no matter what — and no matter when.
John Curtin and Chris Samson, our “night-owl” service technicians, respond to emergency calls from 4:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily, and remain on call into the wee hours via a reliable answering service.
“The number one call we worry about is a loss of heat, but sometimes it involves a major water or oil leak,” says John.
While the type of calls varies from night to night, the response is always the same: quick.
“Helping people is what we’re all about. I get great satisfaction keeping a family warm and safe on a cold night,” says Chris.

Rely on
Our third-party notification program ensures that family members and friends you care about never lose heat due to unpaid bills. If they do not respond to a fuel bill, we’ll contact their designated third party to make sure everything is OK.
There’s no financial responsibility for the third party, but this program ensures that vital fuel deliveries are not interrupted, and you can feel good about protecting loved ones from an unnecessary loss of heat. Call us today to enroll.