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Is Rushing to Total Electrification a Mistake?

Save the Environment – And Your Budget!

bioheat vs electricity new yorkClimate change should be a big concern for everyone who calls the earth home. Total electrification, though, is not the best solution. A hasty move to complete electrification can be a mistake that ends up costing a homeowner more in the end.

Reach out to Swezey Fuel to learn about how you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your Suffolk County, NY home, while steering clear of the pitfalls that come with a misguided rush to total electrification.

Switching to total-electricity energy is expensive

Many governments at the state and local level commit to electrification without fully considering what it really means to rely completely on electricity. Firstly, burdensome electric conversion regulations can end up costing landlords, businesses and homeowners a great deal of money, with no guarantee that the power won’t go out again and again.

Are you ready to rely solely on the electrical infrastructure for your power?

The electrical infrastructure in the country isn’t truly reliable, and when you lose power, it can threaten the safety and security of your home. Changing to total electricity means you become entirely reliant on the power grid and the electric company for all of your heating, hot water, comfort, refrigeration and more.

Heating oil is a clean alternative power

When it comes to combating climate change, there can be more than one solution. Swezey Fuel, and others in the liquid fuels industry, continue to offer solutions that immediately reduce every customer’s carbon footprint dramatically without levying regressive taxes and additional equipment costs on consumers, or overloading the electric grid.

Bioheat® Fuel helps our world – and your fuel efficiency

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative to electricity, and it’s good for the environment, too. Bioheat heating oil offers between 50% to 86% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California Air Resources Board. It doesn’t worsen climate change, since it consists of a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which includes animal fats, recycled restaurant cooking grease, algae, and plant oils like soybean, rapeseed and sunflower.

Swezey Fuel is committed to working towards establishing net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, and Bioheat fuel is an important step in heating oil’s evolution toward achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050. Fortunately, switching to Bioheat heating oil is simple, and will not require modification of your existing heating equipment, or significantly raise fuel expenses. In fact, you’ll save because New York State provides a 20¢-per-gallon credit on your state income taxes for using clean-burning Bioheat fuel.

Swezey Fuel fights climate change, while protecting your budget and comfort

By joining the Swezey Fuel family, you can work towards carbon neutrality too, just by increasing your fuel efficiency and cutting back on energy consumption with Bioheat fuel. Our heating oil experts will be by your side along your journey to greener fuel, keeping your family warm and comfortable throughout our frigid New York winters. We offer hassle-free payment options like EasyPay Plans for predictable pricing, Paperless Billing and AutoPay options – choose what works best for you.

Why Think About Your Heating System in the Summer?

hvac service new yorkYou’re probably not thinking much about your home heating equipment as we head into the dog days of August here in Suffolk County…but maybe you should be (just a little).
Summer is actually a great time to think about your furnace or boiler – more specifically, it’s a great time to get some nagging maintenance tasks out of the way so you can enjoy a more comfortable home and lower bills all fall and winter.
Here are three things you can do for your heating system in the weeks to come – before the post-Labor Day rush for heating service calls makes it difficult to get that great appointment time you always want:

  1. Schedule a heating system tune-up – Summer is one of the better times to get a a convenient appointment from a qualified HVAC technician, most of whom will be quite busy once the calendar turns to September.
    The other advantage of getting your routine heating maintenance out of the way in the summer is that it gives you time to fix any problems that might arise (see #2 below) without the threat of cold weather hanging over your head. And if you discover that your heating system needs to be replaced, you’ll still have plenty of time to plan your heating system installation (see #3 below).
  2. Take care of needed repairs – Heating systems got a real work out here in Long Island last year, with record-low temperatures chilling our region for much of the early year. Your heating system may have survived its winter battle in 2017-18, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need a little love before getting back to work this fall. A heating system tune-up will help a technician spot any heating system repairs that need immediate attention – obvious fuel leaks, broken parts, or significant duct leaks, to name a few.
  3. If it’s time, get a heating system upgrade – If you’ve been on the fence about a new heating system installation for your Suffolk County home, summer is a great time to do it – prices are usually lower, technicians and appointment times are often available, and you’re not under any pressure from Mother Nature to get your heating equipment installed.
    If your heating system is entering its second decade of use, a high efficiency heating equipment upgrade could help you save 30 percent on your monthly bills – enough to offset the cost of the upgrade in just a few years, while giving you better performance and more peace of mind in the meantime.

Summer is a great time to get a jump on your heating system maintenance, repair, or installation. Contact Swezey today for expert heating system service – or for a FREE, no obligation estimate on a new heating system for your Suffolk County home!

Brace for the Heat: Upgrade to a Ductless Mini-Split System

a/c installation new yorkThis year’s blazing heat may not have reached Suffolk County yet, but it’s coming. The question is, will your window air conditioners be up to the task – and at what cost to you?
Just because your home doesn’t have ductwork, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for loud, electricity-sucking window air conditioners. Instead, you could install a ductless mini-split system.
Ductless systems are quieter, more efficient, and less obtrusive than window A/Cs. In fact, they even have some advantages compared to central air conditioners.

Mini-Split Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that a mini-split system brings to the table:

  • Higher SEER ratings – Ductless systems are extremely efficient, with many models having SEER ratings of 18 or more – well more than the 14 or 15 rating of most window models.
  • Better indoor air quality – In a central air system, your ductwork creates the perfect conditions for growing mold and other harmful microorganisms. Since a mini-split doesn’t need ductwork, it avoids those problems altogether.
  • More flexible placement options – Mini-split air handlers (the indoor component in a ductless system) vary in size and can be installed in basements, attics, and even rooms with no windows to create flexible cooling zones in your home.
  • Faster, easier installation – Installing a ductless system usually less than a day –and once it’s in, it’s in, unlike a window A/C that has to be removed and re-installed every year. With a mini-split, all you need is a wall and one or two 2- to 3-inch holes to connect the air handlers to the outdoor condenser.
  • Greener performance – Not only is a mini-split much more efficient than a window A/C, it also typically uses a more ozone-friendly refrigerant (R410A) than a typical window unit. That means fewer toxins and fewer carbon emissions for every hour you run your unit.

You can even use mini-split air conditioners for supplemental cooling in a home that has central air – contact us to learn more about that option.
Curious about ductless system installations in Suffolk County, NY? Contact Swezey Fuel today for a FREE estimate and learn how affordable one of these great Fujitsu ductless air conditioning systems can be!

Get More Predictable Bills With EasyPay Budget Plan

fuel budge plan new yorkA little predictability can go a long way these days, especially when it comes to monthly bill-paying. The good news is you can get some of that predictability for FREE an EasyPay Budget Plan from Swezey.

If you buy your heating oil as you go, you have probably seen some ups and downs in your billing – especially in the dead of winter. That’s because you’re paying for more than half a year’s worth of heating during a four-month period, when temperatures here in Suffolk County can drop to dangerous lows at a moment’s notice. If you were an EasyPay customer, you would spread your payments for your fuel out over a longer period, allowing you to absorb most of winter’s bill-paying shocks.

How The Budget Plan Works

With EasyPay, we’ll make an estimate of your heating oil use based on your past bills, then divide that total into 11 equal payments (we can make small adjustments ­– up or down – as needed). That means fewer surprises in your mailbox. There are no finance charges or fees for EasyPay – just think of it as FREE peace of mind from our family to yours.

The Bottom Line

EasyPay will take the stress out of paying for your heating oil, helping you with your budget planning all year round. Imagine how much easier planning will be if you know how much you’ll pay for your energy bills every month! It’s possible when you enroll in EasyPay from Swezey – delivering value, convenience and personal service for our Suffolk County neighbors for more than 100 years!
Enrollment for EasyPay is underway for the 2020/2021 heating season! The program runs for 11 months starting in July – enrollment is open until July 31.
Contact us today to learn more about EasyPay and other convenient Swezey services, including reliable heating oil deliveries in Suffolk County, NY!

How An HVAC Service Plan Can Save You Money

hvac service long island, nyAn HVAC system is a big expense for a homeowner – one that you’ll want to protect so it can continue to provide returns on your investment for years to come.
The best way to maximize your HVAC ROI is to have your heating and cooling systems professionally maintained every year – and the most cost-effective way to do that is with a comprehensive Service Plan.

Service Plans: Money-Saving Peace Of Mind

The most important feature of a Service Plan, of course, is an annual tune-up. Routine preventive maintenance has wide-ranging benefits for you and your equipment, many of which will help you save money in the long run.
Consider these benefits of routine heating and cooling maintenance:

  • Fewer repairs – Most of the costlier HVAC repairs – about 80 percent, by most estimates – are avoidable with routine professional maintenance and regular inspections.
  • More durable equipment – Why replace your equipment any sooner than you have to? Routine maintenance prevents the kind of overwork that leads to an early demise for your equipment.
  • Lower energy bills – Overused HVAC equipment will operate inefficiently, which will drive up your monthly energy bills. With a Service Plan, your technician will keep your system optimized to keep your energy costs down.
  • Ongoing warranty coverage – In most cases, your warranty coverage depends on having routine maintenance every year. Skip annual service and you run the risk of losing warranty coverage, which means you’ll pay out of pocket for repairs that are normally covered.

Of course, routine maintenance does more than help you save money – professional HVAC service helps your systems heat and cool evenly, preserves proper airflow and humidity, increases the reliability of your equipment under peak season stress, and generally keeps your home more comfortable.

Swezey Service Plans: Much More Than An HVAC Tune-up

It’s pretty clear that routine maintenance is the key to saving money and improving comfort in your Suffolk County home. But why go to the next level by investing in a Service Plan?
Mostly, it’s because quality heating or cooling Service Plans (like ours) offer additional benefits you won’t get with a simple tune-up. For example, with Swezey Service Plans for your heating and cooling systems, you’ll get:

  • Discounted or covered repairs
  • Priority Emergency Service
  • Loyalty points

Simply put, Swezey Service Plans are the best in our Long Island service area – and a great way to save you money in the long run.
Want to save money on heating and cooling repairs and enjoy year-round peace of mind? We can help! Contact the pros at Swezey Fuel today to learn more about our complete line of Service Plans and get the lowdown on HVAC maintenance in Suffolk County, LI!

Save On Your Spring Energy Bills: 9 Cost-Effective Ways

energy bill new yorkSpring 2021 has officially begun – but that doesn’t mean your heating equipment is finished for the season – after all, temperatures in Suffolk County can dip into the 50s well into June).
But with a little planning and some simple changes around the house, you can keep those bills as low as possible. Here are some cost-effective ways to help you save energy in the weeks ahead.

9 Energy Saving Tips

  1. Program your thermostat – Proper use of your thermostat could help you save you up to 10 percent on your home energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  2. Weatherize – Now that temperatures are tolerable, it’s a good time to caulk any air leaks around exterior doors and windows that might have widened over the winter. While you’re at it, try replacing door weatherstripping that might have worn away.
  3. Add to your insulation – Most homes – especially older ones – are under-insulated. Adding enough to meet recommended R-Values is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s overall efficiency and comfort.
  4. Change filters regularly – If you have a forced-air system (one with vents rather than radiators or baseboards), the most important maintenance tasks you have is to check air filters regularly, cleaning or changing them when needed. Clogged filters rob your furnace of efficiency by making it overwork to keep you warm; that means higher heating bills and more wear and tear on your equipment.
  5. Drop your water heater’s thermostat temperature – Did you know that about one-fifth of your home’s energy bill comes from heating water? One easy way to save on that part of your bill is to lower the temperature of your water heater’s thermostat from the factory setting (usually 140°F) to 120°F. You’ll save more than 10 percent on your water heating bill and you’ll never know the difference.
  6. Use the sun to your advantage – Keep curtains and shades open in sun-exposed rooms to absorb all that great heat and energy during the day, then close them at night to keep it in at night. Smart window treatments can help manage solar energy throughout the year.
  7. Close your fireplace damper – An open fireplace damper is like an open window; close it when you are not using your hearth.
  8. Keep vents and baseboards clear – Move any furniture, drapery or rugs that keep heat from circulating into the room.
  9. Service your equipment – When it comes to saving money on energy bills, there’s no substitute for routine annual maintenance from an experienced home heating professional. A seasoned technician will help you spot problems early, replacing worn parts before they cost you with diminished efficiency and eventual heating repairs.

Stay warm and save money this heating season with these cost-effective tips and tricks. Want another smart tip? Replace your old, inefficient boiler or furnace with a new, high-efficiency heating system from Swezey.
An oil furnace or boiler upgrade could save you as much as 30-40 percent on your heating bills every month – enough to pay for the replacement in just a few years.
Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate on heating installations in Suffolk County, NY!

Can I Use My Furnace After A Flood?

furnace flooding repair new york
Flooding can happen any time of year here in Suffolk County, and no matter when it happens, it can be a big hassle to clean up.
Not to mention dangerous.

What To Do After Flooding

If your basement has flooded, here are three things you should do:

  1. Shut down all breakers to your basement before you go down there. If your breaker is in the basement, only attempt this if conditions make it safe to do so; if they don’t, contact an electrician for help.
  2. Start pumping out and mopping up the water. While you will need to wash and sanitize everything to prevent mold damage, some items and décor may be salvageable. Take everything you can out of your basement to dry somewhere away from your basement – preferably outside the house.
  3. If it’s safe to do so, access your appliances, including furnaces, water heaters, your washer and dryer, etc. If your appliance has a pilot light, do NOT re-light it without a licensed service tech inspecting it first.

Special Considerations For Your Furnace

One significant item that could suffer damage during a flood is your furnace. More often than not, these appliances sit unprotected on your basement floor.
While restoring your furnace to working order could simply be a matter of giving it a thorough cleaning, you won’t know for sure without a professional heating system inspection. If your equipment has been exposed to water,do not use it before calling a heating inspector!
In the meantime, you can examine your outdoor condensing units, which are durable and can often withstand some exposure to water (although this is not always the case). Look for a line to see how high the water rose; if that line extends only a few inches, the unit may be salvageable after inspection. If the water rose higher than halfway up the unit, the damage will likely be too expensive to repair.
The bottom line: if your basement has flooded, DO NOT use your furnace without having your equipment inspected by a qualified professional first – even if it seems to be working! Bacteria and mold could easily grow and spread within our home if your equipment is not properly inspected and cleaned, and safety measures that protect you from fire or carbon monoxide hazards could be damaged. It’s simply not worth the risk to run your furnace without a clean bill of health from a heating expert!
If you’ve experienced a flood in your home and need your furnace inspected, contact the pros at Swezey right away. We’ll get it looked at quickly and either fix or replace your furnace correctly so you can get back to enjoying your warm home again.

What Size Oil Tank Does My Home Need?

oil tank installation new yorkIf the time has come to replace your heating oil tank – whether because it’s outdated, showing signs of wear, or simply because your heating needs have changed – you’ll need to ask some simple questions when shopping for a replacement. One of the most basic of these questions is what size oil tank you will need.

Oil Tank Choices

How do you choose the right-sized oil tank for your home? Here are some considerations.

  • Before shopping for a new heating oil tank, learn what size tank you currently have. When it comes to heating oil tank sizes, two numbers matter: the capacity of the tank (in gallons), and the dimensions of your tank (in height, width and depth). If you have a newer tank, the capacity is more than likely listed on the tank’s name plate; take the physical dimensions of your tank yourself with a tape measure.
  • The most common residential above-ground heating oil tank size is 275 gallons; other common sizes include 300, 340, 420, 500, 550, 675, and 1000 gallons (underground tanks can be substantially larger). An industry rule-of-thumb is that one or two-bedroom homes at 2,500 sf or less typically require a 275-gallon heating oil tank; three- or four-bedroom homes, or homes larger than 2,500 sf, need a 300 to 500-gallon tank.
  • Other factors to consider include:
    • Space: If you’re planning to up-size your heating oil tank, be sure to measure the available space first: some homes can’t accommodate larger heating oil tanks.
    • Family plans: As your family grows, so does your energy consumption, and your need for a larger oil tank.
    • Lifestyle preferences: Is your family eco-conscious? Do you spend long vacations away from home? Do you have elderly people living in your space that prefer a warmer house? All of these factors will affect how much heating oil you need – and how big a tank you should get.

Once you’ve thought about these sizing factors, you can move on to other heating oil selection considerations, including tank construction, warranties, cost, tank orientation, and more.
Our oil heating specialists can help you pick just the right tank for your home and family, then install it quickly, safely, and neatly in your Suffolk County home. We’ll even remove your old tank using a hassle-free, safe and clean process that meets all federal, state and local regulations.
When it comes time to upgrade your heating oil tank, Swezey’s got you covered! We feature top-quality, double wall construction heating oil tanks that are virtually leak-proof. We’ll even take care of removing your old tank in accordance with all environmental laws and codes. Contact us today to learn more and get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a heating tank upgrade for your Suffolk County home!

Getting Ready For Your Heating Oil Delivery

preparing for fuel delivery new yorkOur heating oil delivery crews work hard to keep fuel coming throughout the Long Island winter. But some days, that work is harder than others; on those days, we can use your help.
Please help us keep our heating oil delivery teams safe and working as efficiently as possible by pitching in on delivery day – particularly during or in the aftermath of severe winter weather.
Here are five things you can do to make life easier for our crews so they can get much-needed fuel to as many of our neighbors as possible.

Fuel Delivery Day Checklist

  1. Clear a path to your fill pipe – Snow, ice, and debris can block the path to your oil tank, making it difficult for our crews to safely deliver your fuel. Try to keep at least an 18-inch wide path to your fill pipe clear so our team can reach it easy and safely.
  2. Shovel and salt your driveway – If our crew needs to pull in your driveway to fill your fuel tank, please clear it so they can navigate it safely, keeping in mind that our trucks are wider than your car.
  3. Unlock gates – If access to your tank requires our crew to enter through a gate, please make sure it is unlocked on delivery day – or make sure someone is home to let our crew in.
  4. Keep your pets under control – We want to deliver your heating oil, but we want to do it safely for both our drivers and your pets. Please be sure your pets are secured on delivery day.
  5. Stay accessible – Make sure an adult is reachable on delivery day, preferably by cell phone or in person, in case the unexpected arises.

Thanks for helping the experts at Swezey Oil keep our customers safe, warm, and satisfied with reliable, on-time heating oil delivery in Suffolk County, NY. Our drivers appreciate your consideration!

Furnace Installations: What Factors Determine Their Cost?

new furnace new yorkA new oil-fired furnace can be a great investment for your home –especially if it’s replacing an older unit that may have lost 20 to 30 percent or more of its efficiency over the years.
But when it comes time to replacing your old oil furnace, you’re going to need to do some research – as you will see, estimates on furnace installations will vary widely.

How To Choose The Right Furnace

To make an educated choice about your next furnace, it’s good to have an idea of what factors will affect the cost of installing an oil furnace in Suffolk county. Here are six of the biggest ones:

  1. Brand – Two furnaces with similar specifications can vary in price depending on the brand you choose. Different brands offer different levels of quality – choose one that delivers reliable value at a price you can afford.
  2. Size – The size of your furnace can also influence the cost of installation, with larger furnaces typically being more expensive. Just keep in mind that the best option for your home isn’t always the largest or most expensive model; right-sizing – that is, matching the furnace to your home’s heating load – is the key to maximizing efficiency and getting the most heating bang for your buck.
  3. Features – Some furnaces include special features such as variable speed blowers (which can reduce overall wear and tear on the system), HEPA filters, and dehumidifiers – all of which can add to the cost of your installation. Make sure you know what’s included in your estimate!
  4. AFUE Rating – The efficiency of a furnace will also affect its cost; similarly-featured models with a higher AFUE (annual fuel-utilization efficiency) rating will be more expensive than models with a lower AFUE rating.
  5. Labor – The cost of labor will vary depending on the complexity of the job. For example, if modifications must be made to accommodate your ductwork, this will add 9to the cost of your installation. This is why it’s so important to get a written estimate on a furnace installation for your home – not a generic installation cost for a “typical” heating system.
  6. Disposal costs – In many cases, the cost to remove your old furnace (labor and disposal fees) are not included in the cost of installation; again, get it in writing.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a heating oil furnace – be sure you understand everything that’s included, and not included, in your estimate so you can make an apples-to-apples comparison.

The X Factor: Your Heating Contractor

Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to choosing an oil furnace installer is the heating contractor you choose. You’ll want seasoned pro who offers certified technicians, 24/7/365 support, and a warranty for their work.
Swezey offers all of this and more.
Our experts can help you find an oil-fired furnace that will keep you more comfortable while dropping your monthly heating oil bills by 25 percent or more – which could be enough to offset the cost of your new system in just a few years.
Ready to install a new heating oil furnace? Swezey can help. Contact us today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate a high efficiency oil furnace installation in Suffolk County, NY!