Written on: September 14, 2018

Kent, Gary, Bruce and Michael
Dear Friends,
What a day we had on May 26! Our 2018 Customer Appreciation Day also served as a celebration of Swezey’s 100th anniversary in business, and hundreds of loyal customers came out to help us mark this milestone. Along the way, we received awards from the mayor of Patchogue, who praised our community service, and the Brookhaven town supervisor, who told a personal story about how we solved his plumbing problem.
Few businesses make it to the century mark, and we want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for your confidence in us and for all the positive feedback you send our way — more than 700 positive reviews in just the past two years!
We were especially touched by a handwritten note sent to us by Audrey R., of Center Moriches: “Sorry to miss Swezey’s Appreciation Day, but I’m 96 years old and can’t get around anymore. I just want to express how much you’ve helped make my home comfortable all these years since 1960. Not many companies like yours deliver such service. Congratulations!”
For Audrey and all our other customers, we want you to know that Swezey is more committed than ever to keeping you warm and safe. After all, that’s our job! Please call us and let us know how we can help you this season.
Bruce, Gary, Kent and Michael