Written on: July 23, 2014


On a Friday in late January, our customer Danny Padrazo, a retired assistant chief operations supervisor of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, had a major boiler breakdown and called us for help.

After an initial attempt to temporarily solve the problem, the boiler as well as the water supply to the house had to be shut down the next day to avoid a major flood. Although our crew was booked solid for the next week, we were able to prioritize Mr. Padrazo’s installation, and it was scheduled for that Monday — Martin Luther King Day.

“I was witness to personification of the professional image I am certain Swezey Fuel Co. Inc. strives to convey,” Mr. Padrazo told us. “Each technician had full command of their profession. Every obstacle was overcome as a team effort, and the complexity of retrofitting the new system was made to look like ‘just another another day’s work.’ ”