Written on: September 17, 2021

Is Rushing to Total Electrification a Mistake?

Save the Environment – And Your Budget!

bioheat vs electricity new yorkClimate change should be a big concern for everyone who calls the earth home. Total electrification, though, is not the best solution. A hasty move to complete electrification can be a mistake that ends up costing a homeowner more in the end.

Reach out to Swezey Fuel to learn about how you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your Suffolk County, NY home, while steering clear of the pitfalls that come with a misguided rush to total electrification.

Switching to total-electricity energy is expensive

Many governments at the state and local level commit to electrification without fully considering what it really means to rely completely on electricity. Firstly, burdensome electric conversion regulations can end up costing landlords, businesses and homeowners a great deal of money, with no guarantee that the power won’t go out again and again.

Are you ready to rely solely on the electrical infrastructure for your power?

The electrical infrastructure in the country isn’t truly reliable, and when you lose power, it can threaten the safety and security of your home. Changing to total electricity means you become entirely reliant on the power grid and the electric company for all of your heating, hot water, comfort, refrigeration and more.

Heating oil is a clean alternative power

When it comes to combating climate change, there can be more than one solution. Swezey Fuel, and others in the liquid fuels industry, continue to offer solutions that immediately reduce every customer’s carbon footprint dramatically without levying regressive taxes and additional equipment costs on consumers, or overloading the electric grid.

Bioheat® Fuel helps our world – and your fuel efficiency

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative to electricity, and it’s good for the environment, too. Bioheat heating oil offers between 50% to 86% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California Air Resources Board. It doesn’t worsen climate change, since it consists of a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which includes animal fats, recycled restaurant cooking grease, algae, and plant oils like soybean, rapeseed and sunflower.

Swezey Fuel is committed to working towards establishing net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, and Bioheat fuel is an important step in heating oil’s evolution toward achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050. Fortunately, switching to Bioheat heating oil is simple, and will not require modification of your existing heating equipment, or significantly raise fuel expenses. In fact, you’ll save because New York State provides a 20¢-per-gallon credit on your state income taxes for using clean-burning Bioheat fuel.

Swezey Fuel fights climate change, while protecting your budget and comfort

By joining the Swezey Fuel family, you can work towards carbon neutrality too, just by increasing your fuel efficiency and cutting back on energy consumption with Bioheat fuel. Our heating oil experts will be by your side along your journey to greener fuel, keeping your family warm and comfortable throughout our frigid New York winters. We offer hassle-free payment options like EasyPay Plans for predictable pricing, Paperless Billing and AutoPay options – choose what works best for you.