Swezey House Fuel Tanks
Swezey Fuel

When you need to replace a rusting, old heating oil fuel tank Swezey has you covered

If your fuel tank is on its last legs, let Swezey take the hassle out of replacing it.

Today’s oil tanks won’t corrode like their predecessors, and many feature double-wall construction for increased strength—so your new tank will always keep oil inside where it belongs.

If you need a propane tank, we have options for you, too, with high-quality equipment from Granby to keep your Long Island home warm all winter.

If you need your old tank removed, Swezey offers a clean, safe, and convenient removal process that meets all federal, state and local requirements. We even offer insurance and service plans for a lifetime of hassle-free fuel tank use.

To learn more about Swezey’s selection of fuel tanks, contact us or call.