Written on: February 12, 2024

How to Estimate Your Daily Heating Oil Use

Let Swezey help you manage your heating costs

heating oil Setauket, NY Across Long Island and Suffolk County, homeowners have gotten a true taste of winter recently. From ultra-low temperatures to arctic winds to snow (finally!), the less predictable weather we’ve been experiencing this season means having a reliable source of heat has never been more important.

But if you depend on oil heat to warm your home, how do you know how much heating oil you use every day or how much you’ll need for the rest of the season? Understanding how to estimate your daily heating oil use can help give you peace of mind.

What affects home heating oil use?

You’d be surprised how many factors play into calculating your daily heating oil use. How fast you go through oil depends on:

How to predict your daily oil usage

The last thing you probably feel like dealing with when it’s super cold is tracking your daily oil usage so that you can make sure you don’t run out. Assuming you’ve lived in your home for at least a year or two, you can always look back at your previous years’ bills and see how much heating oil you used in the colder months. Or you can turn to Swezey Fuel’s automatic delivery service, which gives you confidence that you’ll never run low on heating oil because we do the tracking for you.

But if you’re curious or a DIY type and want to figure it out yourself, here’s a general rule of thumb that you can use. When the temperature reaches about 50 degrees, you can expect to use up to two gallons of heating oil per day. For days when it’s 40 degrees, you might use on average 3.7 gallons. And if it goes down to 30 degrees, you’re looking at an average of 5.3 gallons of oil each day.

Conserve heat to save on oil costs

Here are several things you can do to lower your heating oil bills.

Program your thermostat. Setting your thermostat to automatically keep inside temperatures lower at night or during the day when no one is home helps conserve heating oil for when you most need it. Programmable thermostats make doing that much easier because you can program multiple customized temperature settings for each day and night — and if things change, smart thermostats let you adjust your settings right from your mobile phone.

Schedule annual tune-ups. Regular maintenance can help avoid expensive repairs, keep your equipment performing better, make it last longer and reduce your costs.

Keep the heat in. On sunnier days, open curtains and shades so that your home can get natural warmth and rely less on your boiler or furnace to do the work. And make sure you block any drafts with caulking or weatherstripping so that the warm air you’re paying for doesn’t walk out the door.

Upgrade your heating system. Modern heating systems are so much more efficient than ones manufactured 20 years ago. If your boiler or furnace is performing sluggishly, you can ask Swezey Fuel experts to take a look and recommend a replacement. We can install the right model for your home and get you back on the path to high-efficiency heating so that you and your family can enjoy a warm home and lower heating bills.

Choose Bioheat® fuel for your Long Island home. We proudly deliver this cleaner-burning option that’s a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel. Because Bioheat fuel leaves fewer deposits on your heating system’s parts, your boiler or furnace will work more efficiently and last longer without breaking down — and that all saves you money. Today’s modern heating systems can run on Bioheat fuel without any modifications and can help you contribute to a healthier environment while being easier on your wallet.

Go auto delivery to avoid running out of oil

It’s easy to save time and stop worrying about running low on heating oil when you use our free automatic delivery program. With auto delivery, we track your heating oil use for you so that you never have to be concerned about run-outs.

Wherever you live in Suffolk County, you can count on us for scheduled or emergency heating oil deliveries in all kinds of weather. Just contact us today to get on board!