Written on: November 7, 2017

Home energy audit
Having high-efficiency heating equipment professionally installed and properly maintained will go a long way to keeping your fall and winter energy bills as low as possible in your Long Island home.
But keeping the hot air in and the cold air out of your house matters, too.
The average American home loses the equivalent of an open window’s worth of the air you paid to heat through leaky doors, window seals, ductwork and walls. Talk about throwing money out the window!
The question is how do you find the places that leak the most air so you can fix those problem areas and save the most money every month (even in summer)?
The simplest solution is to sign up for a FREE ENERGY AUDIT.

Greater savings, more comfort

Sign up for a FREE Energy Audit through us today and we’ll connect you with a BPI-certified auditor who will evaluate your home then offer you tips to lower your bills—sometimes by as much as thousands of dollars a year! They’ll also show you how to take advantage of rebates, federal tax credits and low financing rates to reduce your bills even more.
When the audit team is done, we can help you take care of any updates or improvements you choose to make for your heating or cooling system – always quickly, correctly, and at a fair price.
Want to learn more about our FREE Energy Audit and other ways to save money this fall and winter? Contact us today!