Written on: July 4, 2022

Our Price Cap Program Combats Fuel Cost Changes

A budget plan is a smart idea this year!

fuel payments new yorkThe cost of heating oil and other fuels has increased dramatically over the past year. For our budget-conscious customers, we have put together a program to cap further price increases while also providing protection if the price manages to drop over the next heating season.

Price Cap program 101

Our Price Cap program is good news for our customers, since we are currently able to cap your price $.70 less than the current market rate, as winter future prices are lower than the current price of heating oil. The cost for Swezey to provide downward protection is about $500 for an average home, but we have reduced that cost to $396+tax or, $36 per month added to your budget. That means you’ll be protected both from rising costs, as well as losing out on more optimal pricing if costs fall significantly.

Price cap illustrations

To illustrate, consider this example capped price set at $5.399:

The bottom line is that with the Price Cap program, you’ll be protected from skyrocketing prices – without being married to a mediocre rate if prices fall. So, as you can see, being on a capped budget plan is an excellent offer that can really benefit your costs. Please contact us for the current capped rate, or you can enroll online.

Swezey Fuel is here for you, despite highs or lows!

Serving Long Island for more than four generations, we have learned that every customer’s financial circumstances and budgeting needs are different. That’s why we offer Swezey customers our Price Cap program, among several ways to save. Our fuel experts can assess your particular situation and help you weigh your options for what works best for your family.

For over a century, we’ve kept families and businesses in Suffolk County and the surrounding area comfortable with high-quality heating oil and related services. If you’re looking for a delivery, in need of an equipment upgrade or just have a general question for our friendly team, we look forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll become part of the Swezey family!