Troubleshoot Your System

If your home heating system is not working properly, follow these instructions

equipment troubleshootingSuffolk County residents trust Swezey Fuel to provide service and guidance in all matters related to their home heating systems. We proudly provide our customers with the highest quality of installation, repair and maintenance service. Sometimes a problem is one that you can handle on your own, in order to save a bit of time and money. You can check out a particular issue using our troubleshooting guide. Of course, if you are still having a problem or you have any questions, please call us right away.

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Should you consider an upgrade?

If your system is beyond repair as a result of thermal damage, water damage or corrosion, it’s likely that you are in need of an upgrade. We install top-quality, high-efficiency units, and our expert team of technicians is here to help. If you have questions about your system and would like a free estimate, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to perform an assessment and help guide you on your next steps.

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** Swezey Fuel cannot be held liable for any adjustments you make to your heating or cooling systems. If you are unsure about the steps listed above, or have any other questions, please call our office.