Heating-Oil Delivery

Turn to Swezey for automatic heating-oil delivery service in Suffolk County

heating oil deliveryTake the hassle out of managing your heating oil with our Automatic Delivery program. This FREE service will make your life easier by saving you time and eliminating the stress of having to worry about a run-out.

What is automatic oil delivery?

Automatic heating-oil delivery takes all of the work and worry out of managing the heating-oil supply for your Suffolk County home. We do the work for you by tracking your heating oil usage. You’ll never have to worry about a run-out.

This free service works for us too. It lets us schedule deliveries so that we can reach the most customers each day, and reduces the number of emergency heating-oil deliveries we have to make. That helps us stay on schedule with many fewer disruptions, so we can show up with your heating oil when we say we will.

Bioheat® fuel

We proudly deliver Bioheat® fuel, a cleaner-burning option with fewer emissions. Learn more on our Bioheat fuel page!

How does it work?

Swezey uses an advanced tracking system that records your heating-oil usage history, as well as the current weather, allowing us to accurately assess when to schedule a heating-oil delivery to your home. With this system, you no longer have to go down to the basement or outside into the cold to check your heating-oil-tank gauge levels. With automatic oil delivery, you don’t even have to contact Swezey to schedule a heating-oil delivery.

We handle scheduling the delivery before you run low so that you can remain worry-free about your heating-oil supply.

Have your fuel-consumption needs changed?

Over the years, we’ve seen the heating needs of our customers change. Perhaps you’ve built an addition onto your home or finished the attic for more living space. Or maybe the number of people living in your home has changed. We want to continue to be accurate in scheduling your heating-oil deliveries, so please keep in touch with us when you have a change in circumstances in your life that could affect your fuel use.

Here When You Need Us

Emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. Swezey gets it.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Call Swezey for immediate help with emergency heating-oil service or fuel-oil delivery. We’re here all day, every day. Please call—DO NOT email with an emergency.

Whatever the time, whatever the day, whatever the weather, whatever your location in our Suffolk County service area, we’re on the job for emergency heating-oil deliveries, fuel leaks and home-heating-system repairs. We make this promise to all of our current customers. If you would like to enjoy this peace of mind, why not become a Swezey customer yourself?

Find out if you’re in our service area today and come to Swezey for heating-oil delivery and more. Contact us with any questions!