Remove or Install Oil Tanks

Swezey offers fast, clean, hassle-free oil-tank installation and removal for your Long Island home

oil tanksWhen you need a company for heating-oil-tank removal on your property, Swezey is here for you. We offer a clean, safe and hassle-free process that meets all federal, state and local regulations.

If you’re looking for heating-oil-tank installation, we’ve got you covered there as well. We even offer insurance and heating service plans to give you peace of mind for the life of your tank.

Heating-Oil Tanks

When you have a heating-oil tank on your property, a supply is always available to you. And since heating oil is biodegradable and safe to store within your home, you can have your new tank installed in a variety of spots, including your garage, a closet or the basement.

The latest heating-oil tanks feature safe, secure technology and are far more compact than heating-oil tanks of years gone by. They are tested to high standards, and their features include the following:

  • They’re double walled.
  • They have an expansion system that makes fill-ups smoother.
  • They have double ring caps to eliminate odor during fill-ups.
  • They have removable bases.
  • They have wide handles, for ease of transporting.
  • They weigh up to 50% less than older models.

Better for the Environment

Made with corrosion-resistant blow-molded, high-density polyethylene, the latest tanks are incredibly durable and keep the heating oil they’re built to hold fully contained. The outer tank is lead-proof and offers maximum protection to the surrounding environment.

Oil-Tank Protection

What happens if your oil tank springs a leak? It could be an environmental disaster for your property—and an economic nightmare for you. Keep both your family and your property safe with an oil tank protection plan from Swezey!

With an affordable oil tank protection plan, like ProGuard, both your tank and your wallet will be protected if the worst happens to your aboveground or underground oil-storage tank.

Think of it as oil-tank insurance for your home and property. For the best oil-tank service in Suffolk County, contact us today.

Request an Estimate

If you think you might be due for a heating-oil-tank upgrade, contact us today to request an estimate. Our reliable team of trained professionals will help guide you through the process and make sure you understand your options. We look forward to helping you!