Written on: November 2, 2020

Seasonal Boiler Tune-ups: Why They Are So Important

annual boiler care new yorkDon’t look now, but we’re nearly halfway through fall 2020 – winter will be here before you know it, and you’ll be running your boiler and baseboard heating system nearly 24/7 to stay comfortable in your Suffolk County home.
But before you run your equipment through the trials of another intense Long Island heating season, make sure you have it serviced by a professional.

What Happens During A Boiler Tune-up?

Annual boiler maintenance includes tests and tasks performed by an expert heating technician as he cleans and inspects your equipment. Although the task list differs from company to company and often varies with cost, most will include such steps as:

Routine Boiler Maintenance Benefits

Is it really necessary to have your boiler professionally maintained every year? Yes it is! Here are five of important reasons why:

The best way to take care of your boiler tune-up? Sign up for an annual heating service plan from Swezey Fuel. Our Gold and Platinum Oil Plans include an annual tune-up, covered or discounted repairs, priority service, and more. We also offer a Boiler Replacement Plan, which covers everything in the Platinum Oil Plan PLUS replacement of your existing boiler (with same Btu output) if it fails and cannot be repaired.
Winter 2020/21 is a little more than a month away – is your boiler ready? Contact Swezey Fuel today to schedule your boiler maintenance in Suffolk County, NY and make sure that it is!