Written on: June 18, 2021

Kent, Gary, Bruce and Michael
Dear Friends,
After more than a year of uncertainty, we can finally see some light ahead of us.
Like many of you, our team has struggled to do our jobs with the public health crisis hovering over our heads. And as we always have, we battled our way through big snowstorms and extremely cold temperatures over the winter. With ongoing uncertainty and the added challenges of periodic quarantines we experienced a true test of our fortitude.
We can say with confidence that at this point in time, we’ve never been prouder of our team. They have managed to keep people warm despite dealing with many personal challenges themselves, and maintained their usual do-whateverit- takes attitude throughout the season. This approach served our team — and our customers — well throughout the winter.
As the weather warms up, please let us know if we can help you with your air conditioning or plumbing needs.
Warmly, Bruce, Gary, Kent and Michael