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2019 Fall Newsletter

Michael, Kent, Gary and Bruce

At Your Service, 24/7

Dear Friends,

Since our founding — more than 100 years ago — we have helped thousands of customers through the worst of times, restoring their heat, resolving fuel or water leaks, and handling other complex situations.

Smart security kit

Win a Smart Security Kit

Enter our new prize drawing to win a Yale Assure touchscreen deadbolt + Amazon Cloud Cam. Enjoy keyless access for yourself and your family members and easily monitor and control your front door from anywhere by connecting with the Cloud Cam.

Why oil can't be beat

Why Oil Heat Can’t Be Beat

Within the next decade or so, it’s expected that heating oil will become a carbon-neutral fuel. This means that heating oil will have a minimal carbon footprint and very low greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to a combination of higher biofuel blends, ultra-low sulfur content and the introduction of super-high-efficiency equipment.


Burning Questions About Heating Your Home

The journey to seek out better comfort can bring you much wisdom. We hope you will find more peace after reading these answers from our home comfort wizard.

Billy Marosz


For veteran delivery driver Billy Marosz, October 2019 marked his 40th anniversary of employment with Swezey. Besides delivering fuel, he has also been involved in service repairs, building maintenance and truck maintenance over the years.

Extra care for a loved one

Extra Care for a Loved One

Our third-party-notification program ensures that family members and friends you care about never lose heat due to unpaid bills. If someone does not respond to a fuel bill, we’ll contact their designated third party to make sure everything is OK.

Simplify your payment

3 Ways to Simplify

Sometimes less is more. That’s certainly true when it comes to the time and clutter generated by paper bills. Here are a few ways we can help you simplify — and save you money too.


Plumbing Made Easy with Swezey

From minor repairs to major projects, Swezey Fuel can be your go-to company for anything related to plumbing. We have full-time licensed plumbers on staff and give you affordable pricing — with no surprises. Please visit our plumbing page to see all we can do for you.