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2019 Spring Newsletter

Kent, Gary, Bruce and Michael

100+ Years of Service to You

Dear Friends,

As you know, Swezey Fuel celebrated our 100th anniversary last year. That’s a long time to be a part of the fabric of a community. Our company is proud to have served our many friends and neighbors for generation after generation.

Lawn mowing robot

Win a Lawn Mowing Robot!

Sit back, relax and watch your grass-cutting chores performed by the pre‑programmed Landroid robotic lawn mower. Read this newsletter, then answer the questions on our contest page. All entries received by 6/28/19 with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing.

Family on laptop

Finding the Right Fit

A lot of contractors take a “cookiecutter” approach to cooling systems that is easier for them, but that usually leads to problems. You’ll end up spending more on cooling costs as well as repairs.

Magic of cool air

The Magic of Cool Air

You rely on your home air conditioning system all summer to stay cool — but do you know how it performs its magic act?

StreamLabs Control

Ask the Expert

Q: Will you be introducing any new products soon?

A: We already have, and it’s brought peace of mind to a lot of customers this past heating season.


Plumbing the Depths

Did you know that Swezey offers complete plumbing services? No job is too small — or too large.

Whether it’s for a leaky toilet or a waterheater replacement, you can count on the same courteous service and top-quality workmanship you’ve come to expect from Swezey Fuel.

Service team

Saluting Our Service Team

Once again this winter, our front-line team of drivers and technicians came through for you. In frigid temperatures and some nasty storms, our drivers were handling deliveries for long hours each day to make sure that every one of our customers had the fuel they needed to stay warm and safe.