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2020 Spring Newsletter

Kent, Gary, Bruce and Michael

Safety Remains Our Priority

Dear Friends,

As we write this, the decimating effects of the coronavirus are coming into full view. Our deepest hope is that you are well, and have not lost someone close to you.

How Important Is a Cooling Tune-Up?

An annual tune-up is the easiest way to enjoy a cool, hassle-free summer. Even if your A/C system is new or running just fine, you don’t want to skip it. Every manufacturer requires annual maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

Win a $250 Account Credit

Right now, we’re offering two ways for you to get an account credit of $250! We’ll hold two separate drawings, so you’ll have two chances to win! Here’s what you need to do:

10 Signs Your A/C System Needs Service

If you never got around to scheduling your annual cooling tune-up, you may experience various problems. From feeling, seeing, hearing and even smelling, here are 10 signs that let you know you should schedule a service call with us.

Ask the Expert

Q: How do you determine what the best A/C system is for my home?

A: We determine the “load” calculation for your home, which tells us how much heat your home gains during warm weather.


A Swezey service technician for the past two years, Mike Stabinski installs new equipment and troubleshoots and repairs oil burners and A/C systems. He appreciates what he describes as “the tight family bond that takes place from the top down.”

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort

Because it does not require ductwork, a Fujitsu ductless mini-split heat-pump system is ideal for additions or converted spaces. But it is also great for any living space that isn’t connected to your central heating or cooling system.

Need a Plumber?

From remodeling jobs to toilet repairs to drain issues — and beyond — Swezey offers complete and professional plumbing services. Our full-time licensed plumbers are here to get the job done right for you.