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Dear Customer,

As you are aware, the cost of heating oil has increased dramatically over the past year. Despite these high prices, there is still a potential for even higher prices due to the events occurring in the world today. It is with this in mind that we have put together a Price Cap program for our customers by offering a Cap price for the 2022-2023 heating season. Our goal with this program is to protect you against further increases in prices while providing some relief if prices manage to drop over the next heating season.

It is important you realize that by signing this agreement you are making a commitment to purchase all of your oil from our company until 5-31-23. We have contracted with our suppliers to purchase a specific amount of oil for our customers and we are legally bound to pick it up.

While we want energy prices to drop to historic levels soon, we are fully committed to providing the price protection we feel you deserve. The Price Protection Insurance Program is as follows:
Example Capped Price Set as $5.29.

  • Retail goes to $5.69 (or higher), you will pay $5.29
  • Retail goes to $4.99, you pay $4.99; your price will fall with the market

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Thank you for your past business and we hope to serve you for years to come.