Written on: March 9, 2020

is it time to replace my heating oil tank? long island

Is it time for a new oil storage tank?

If your heating oil storage tank has passed its two-decade mark, you’re probably due – or maybe even overdue – to replace it (if you have underground model, that life expectancy drops to about 15 years).
“But my oil tank looks fine,” you say – and that may be true. But looks can be deceiving: older, single-wall steel heating oil tanks usually corrode from the inside out due to trapped moisture and sediment. That means you won’t see an oil tank failure coming until it’s too late. Needless to say, that’s a scenario you definitely want to avoid in your Suffolk County home.

Why you shouldn’t wait to replace your heating oil tank:

If you already know your oil tank needs to be replaced, don’t wait – it’s simply not worth the risk, especially considering the affordable, double-walled, eco-friendly heating oil tank options that Swezey offers (heating oil tanks have come a LONG way in the last 20 years – today’s models are virtually leak-proof and available in a variety of configurations). We’ll even remove your old oil tank – safely, cleanly, and in compliance with all relevant environmental codes and regulations.
Spring is one of the best times of the year to install a new heating oil tankcontact us today for a FREE estimate on a new oil tank installations in Suffolk County, LI!