Written on: July 23, 2014

Dear Friends,


This winter was no picnic — January 4 saw a record low of 0°, and that was just the beginning. It really gave us the opportunity to prove the true value you get with a full-service company. On that frigid day, Swezey customers’ average wait time was 1 hour and 21 minutes — no matter when they called. Our team worked extra shifts, with our customerservice representatives working long nights to handle calls and our drivers out in all weather (without an accident) to make sure nobody went without heat.

Having our own storage facilities made a huge difference — we had enough supply to meet the increased demand brought on by freezing temperatures, while other dealers came up short — leaving their customers in the cold.

It really comes down to the peace of mind you get with a family-owned business. We didn’t build our reputation for more than 90 years by cutting corners. We treat all our customers like family. When you call, we answer the phone 24 hours a day, and we’re there for you with prompt, reliable and professional service and a personal touch that you’ll never get from a guy trying to sell you bargain-basement fuel from a kiosk.


Bruce and Gary