Written on: October 5, 2017

Freezing indoors
Posted: October 5, 2017
Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve been seeing here in Suffolk County recently, we all know heating season – and heating bills – are coming. Here are some cost effective ways to keep those bills low in the cooler days and nights to come:

  1. Use your programmable thermostat – With a programmable thermostat, you could save 10 percent on heating bills by dropping the temperature 3-4 degrees when no one is home (or when you’re asleep).
  2. Take advantage of sunlight – Leave your curtains open during the day to absorb the sun’s radiant heat; just make sure to close them at night to retain it.
  3. Weatherize – The average American home leaks the equivalent of an open window’s worth of air through poor seals around windows, doors, and other prone areas. Inexpensive caulking, door sweeps, and weather sealing can significantly cut down those leaks.
  4. Use a cold wash for your clothing – Today’s detergents work great in cold water, which is great news considering that switching to a cold-water wash can cut as much as 10 percent off your water heating costs.
  5. Get annual serviceA heating system tune-up is the key to keeping your heating system running at peak efficiency and saving money month after month. Never skip it! If you want an even better value, try a Swezey Heating Service Plan.
  6. Upgrade an old heating system – A new, high efficiency heating system is much more efficient than an older system – especially one that hasn’t been properly maintained. Your bills could drop by 25 percent or more if you replace a 10-year-old system – enough to offset the investment in a new system in just a few years.

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