Written on: March 14, 2016

Sizing your heating system
Posted: March 14, 2016
When shopping for a new heating system, one of the most important qualities of the unit you choose will be the size.
Bigger is always better, right? Well, not necessarily. When a system is too large, it can cause issues in the home. First, the system will cycle off and on more often than it should. You may think you are getting even more heat when this happens, but the end result includes excess humidity, cold and hot spots, and inefficient usage of fuel.
Most homeowners want the temperature and humidity levels to be consistent when walking from one part of the house to another.
Another issue is that a larger system is typically a noisy appliance that makes your home environment less than ideal. This can be caused by the equipment not being compatible with or fully supported by your existing duct or baseboard system.
How do you find the right size? Sizing a system accurately is really the job of qualified professionals. At Swezey, we perform a whole house evaluation, which takes into account many qualities of your home, including square footage; insulation in floors, ceilings, crawl spaces, and walls; type of insulation; number of windows; and sheltering around your house.
BTU (British Thermal Unit) is an indication of the capacity of a heating system to heat the necessary space. Most manufacturers make several sizes of their models. Common sizes are 40,000-, 50,000-,60,000-, 80,000-, and 100,000-BTU units. We recommend installing the smallest, most efficient system necessary to adequately heat your home for energy savings and system efficiency.
AFUE refers to how efficiently the unit turns fuel into heat. Modern systems have an AFUE rating of 90% and higher, meaning these high-efficiency units are the best at putting your energy dollars to work.
So, when you decide to replace your heating system, do it right. Let us find the correct size for your home. You can count on Swezey for quality, budget-friendly heating system installations and upgrades. We’ll help you choose a solution that reduces your energy bills without breaking the bank.
Once we find the right solution for you, we’ll get your heating equipment up and running quickly with no hassles or delays. We’ll even remove your old equipment free of charge. Read more here.
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