Written on: October 31, 2019

Billy Marosz
For veteran delivery driver Billy Marosz, October 2019 marked his 40th anniversary of employment with Swezey. Besides delivering fuel, he has also been involved in service repairs, building maintenance and truck maintenance over the years.
Billy has a true appreciation for the environment at Swezey.
“For me, it has always been a place to learn a range of skills,” he says. “This is truly a nice company to work for. If something comes up with the family and you need time off, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, they work with you. They’re very understanding that way.”
Of all our people working in the field, Billy has been here the longest.
“I’ve been there through three generations of the bosses,” he says. “When I started, Bruce and Gary were here, but their fathers were still in charge. Now it’s their sons who are getting more involved each year so they’ll be ready when Gary and Bruce retire — if they ever do!”