Written on: May 21, 2015

John Shillinger
If you’ve asked us to install a new boiler or water heater, or even just to repair a leaky faucet, you may have already met John Shillinger. John, one of our licensed master plumbers, has been working with Swezey since 2001 and became a full-time member of our service team in 2013.
“Every day is different, and that’s why I like this job so much. One day I could be installing a boiler, the next day I may be helping a customer renovate her bathroom,” he says.
John says working for Swezey adds to his job satisfaction.
“Swezey helps their technicians stay on top of all of the latest equipment, especially boilers, which are so much more effi cient today because of new technology. The monthly training sessions and outside classes we take really keep us up to date and help us do the best job for customers.”