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Solar Installation & Contractor in Suffolk County, NY

Swezey makes solar power easy with PV systems, energy management and backup storage for your home or business

Solar panels save money

Swezey is your partner for renewable energy. As an authorized National Energy Connection dealer, we make solar easy. We are your go-to contractor for solar installations in Suffolk County. We can help you with turnkey systems for:

  • solar energy/electricity
  • energy management control
  • backup energy storage

Using solar energy isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s also a smart way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Did you know the average customer on Long Island can save as much as $60,000 in electricity costs over the 25 years of manufacturer’s warranty? We will custom-design a photovoltaic system that will maximize tax credits and electricity savings. We will make sure it’s right for your home—and your budget—and help you take advantage of easy financing.

Swezey makes solar panel installations easy

Installation made easy

Our trained pros make the design and installation process hassle-free. We’ll handle all the paperwork, including installation permits, any homeowner association applications and the necessary forms required by the electric utilities. We’ll also help you with tax forms so you can get all your tax credits easily.

When it comes to installation, the quality is everything you expect from Swezey. We use top-tier components from LG, backed by industry-leading warranties. Our consultants have the experience and technical knowledge to customize your installation with the components and panels that will give you the best return on your investment and provide the best performance.

Once permits are filed and your system is designed, installation is easy. You’ll be using solar power to run your home in two to three days in most cases.

The Energy Management Controller dashboard is user-friendly

Energy management made easy

Our PV systems include an advanced Energy Management Controller (EMC) that makes solar smarter than ever. This powerful tool automates complicated energy usage and grid interaction so you can make the most of net metering and incentive programs from your utility.

Adding battery storage further optimizes your solar energy system. Battery storage allows you to use stored solar energy at night or when you need it most. Store excess energy as backup power for use during storms and grid failure. Or use it to maximize return on net metering programs by choosing when you export power back to the grid.

We install Eguana Technologies energy storage and AC batteries because of their proven reliability. Delivering the industries highest performance, they offer complete and flexible energy storage systems for both residential and commercial applications.

The user-friendly Energy Dashboard from Eguana makes it simple to set-and-forget or closely monitor your energy production. Get real-time usage information and historical reporting. Create your own time-of-use program for the greatest energy savings.

State and federal solar incentives

Solar incentives

Now is the perfect time to upgrade to solar energy. We can show you how to tap into generous incentive programs:

  • New York State residential tax credit
  • federal tax credit
  • no sales tax
  • real estate tax exemption

A solar power and battery storage system installation can also add value to your home.

Contact us today for a free analysis and more information. We’ll show you how solar energy can help you reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. We can use your past electric bills and usage as a guide to create a customized solar power solution that will help you save.