Written on: July 29, 2016

Plumbing disaster
Posted: July 29, 2016
You probably take your plumbing for granted – until it doesn’t work. Here are some tips to help keep the water flowing in your home.
Things to AVOID:

  1. Putting fibrous food in your garbage disposal – Don’t put celery, onions, cornhusks, and other “stringy” foods in your disposal – they can jam the grinding mechanism. Avoid gummy rice or pasta, too.
  2. Using chemical drain cleaners – Chemical drain cleaners can rot your pipes – and most don’t work. Better to use a plunger – or call Swezey instead!
  3. Putting off drain cleaning – Built-up hair and soap scum in your shower or bath can block your drain. If you have a blockage, clean the trap using a snake. If that doesn’t help, contact us.
  4. Using your drain like a garbage pail – Never put cotton balls, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products in your toilet.
  5. Pouring grease down the drain – Liquid grease gets hard as it cools, which narrows pipes and traps debris. Pour grease into a can or a jar instead.
  6. Putting off small problems – Clogs and leaks can become bigger problems quickly. Deal with the problem when you first see it.

Things to DO:

  1. Pour 2-3 gallons of boiling water down your bathtub drain once a month – Boiling water can help to prevent hair and grease build-up.
  2. Open the drain on your water heater twice a year to remove sediment – You’ll gain efficiency and save money. If you don’t know how, we can help.
  3. Occasionally grind ice in your garbage disposer – Grinding ice keeps the blades sharp.
  4. Occasionally clean faucet aerators – Cleaning aerators helps to get more even spray, increased flow, and better-tasting water.

Following these precautions and STILL have plumbing problems? Contact Swezey today – we can help with any plumbing problem or project!