Swezey House Three Reasons to Add Solar to Your Suffolk County Home
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Home roof solar panels

Using solar energy to heat your Long Island home is great way to save on energy bills and contribute to the health of your community – not to mention a great way to benefit you as a homeowner.

Add solar panels to your home and you will:

  • Lower your electricity bills – When you have solar, you’re generating your own energy instead of buying it from the grid, which can mean big savings – up to $60,000 in electricity costs over the 25 years of manufacturer’s warranty!
  • Cut down on maintenance costs – Once your system is installed, there’s very little work required to keep your solar panels working at their full potential.
  • Reduce carbon emissions – Solar can reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.

Best of all, you’ll pay less than you think for a solar panel installation: thanks to generous federal and NY State tax incentives, you can cut installation costs dramatically, making the recovery time for your investment much shorter.

Swezey: Your Suffolk County solar experts

As an authorized National Energy Connection dealer, we make it easy to make your solar-powered dream a reality. Our experts will help you design and install turnkey systems for solar power generation, energy management, and backup energy storage.

Our trained pros make the solar adoption process hassle-free by handling:

  • All paperwork, including installation permits, any homeowner association applications and the necessary forms required by the electric utilities.
  • All tax forms, so you can get all your tax credits easily.
  • All aspects of installation, using top-tier components backed up by industry-leading warranties.

Read more about our solar installations here – or contact us to get a FREE solar analysis for your home or business!

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