Written on: May 27, 2016

Air conditioner maintenance
Posted: May 27, 2016
We see it every year – Long Islanders put off their annual air conditioning maintenance, and one day – usually the hottest day of the year, when their cooling system is working hardest – their trusted A/C unit keels over and dies.
Of course Swezey will be there for those families with repair and emergency service – but the far better way to go is to prevent that sticky, sweaty scene by contacting us right now to schedule your annual tune-up.
Not convinced? Here are 4 more reasons to get routine maintenance for your home cooling system today:

  1. You’ll lower your energy bills – A well-maintained A/C system delivers more cool for less cash. Replacing clogged air filters alone can save you 5-10 percent on monthly bills.
  2. You’ll prevent costly repairs – About 80 percent of the most costly repairs could be avoided with proper maintenance. A small investment now can save you serious cash down the line.
  3. You’ll avoid warrantee problems – Without routine maintenance, you might inadvertently void your manufacturers warrantee and have to pay for repairs out of pocket.
  4. You’ll have greater comfort and peace of mind – Routine maintenance for your air conditioning will keep you cool and stress free all summer – with a small investment in service, your cooling system will run better, cost less, and be more reliable.

Contact Swezey today for schedule an A/C tune-up – or for an even better value, try our Gold and Platinum service plans!