Written on: November 6, 2020

Kent, Gary, Bruce and Michael
Dear Friends,
No one knows what this fall will serve up, but it is hard to imagine we won’t face a resurgence of COVID-19 in our area, with all its attendant challenges.
We are working hard in preparation for potential disruptions (see related article at bottom left). Our great team makes us proud every day with their willingness to take care of our customers when it matters most. They have been extraordinarily flexible and committed, and they continue to put our customers’ needs first.
We are taking many steps to minimize the risks to them and to you. We ask that you look at the article to the right, about our protocols, so you can see how you can help our team work safely in your home.
We will all need to be flexible and patient with each other as we adapt to the new challenges ahead. We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in our company to keep you warm — more than words can convey.
Be well.
Bruce, Gary, Kent and Michael