Written on: February 7, 2022

Your Water Heater Works Harder in Winter

Increased stress and strain on your water heater this season

water heater service new yorkWhen you think about it, it makes sense that your water heater works harder in the winter, since it’s colder outside and requires more energy to heat the water to your preferred temperature. But what does that mean for you, and for your water heater? Read on to learn more about the special attention your water heater may need during the colder months, and how you can get top-notch energy efficiency no matter how cold it is outside!

Location, location, location

Your water heater works hard all winter in Suffolk County, NY, and this is true for both tank and tankless water heaters. After all, the water is starting off from a colder baseline temperature to begin with. That may seem surprising to some, since water heaters are typically kept indoors, where it’s heated. However, even if your water heater is kept in part of your home that’s considered living space, such as a finished basement, it’s sill cooler down there in the winter than it is in, say, your living room. The same goes for laundry rooms, crawl spaces, closets, attics, or any other tucked-away space your water heater is stored – especially if it’s near an outside-facing wall.

Warm water is in hot demand in the winter

You may not realize it off the bat, but most homes use more hot water in the winter. Why?

Protect your water heater with regular maintenance year-round

If you’re happy with your current water heater but want to keep it running like new after the extra strain of winter, Swezey offers expert water-heater repairs and water-heater maintenance, including 24-hour emergency service. For ongoing peace of mind, built-in annual tune-ups and more, you can add your water heater on to any of our gold or platinum heating service plans.

From electric and gas to tankless models, Swezey has the right water heater for you

If you’re ready to upgrade your water heater and reap the benefits of increased cost-saving efficiency, our highly-trained staff will help find the right water heater for your needs and your budget, so contact us today. Some Suffolk County, NY families prefer modern, cutting-edge solutions, while others prefer a more conventional unit with a storage tank. Swezey Fuel carries a range of options. The right water heater will save you money and reduce environmental emissions while keeping the warm water flowing.

Become a customer today, and our experts will get you all set for this season, and next.